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Dim to Warm LED Vintage Edison Bulb

With the development of LED and technological breakthroughs, people have higher requirements for LED bulbs. They need to have a long lifespan and more functions LED bulb to meet people’s different needs for lighting. Therefore, many manufacturers in order to meet people’s diverse needs they produced many dimmable bulbs. LED dimming means that the brightness, color temperature and even color of LED lamps can be adjusted. Only lamps can be dimmed they can light up slowly, turn off slowly, provide different brightness and color temperature in different scene, and the light can transition smoothly.


The Principle of LED Bulb Color Temperature Dimming:

LED dimmable light bulbs control two groups of LED lamp beads to emit light through two circuits, one group with a low color temperature of 1800K, and one group with a high color temperature of 6500K. It is to adjust the mixing ratio of the light of the two color temperatures! Adjustable color temperature lamps basically achieve color temperature adjustment by mixing white light and warm light, just like mixing blue ink in red ink.

In the same scene, different light can give people completely different feelings, this is the magic of color temperature. Generally, the closer the light color is to red (the lower the K value), the warmer and hotter the impression will be; the more blue-white (the higher the K value), the colder and duller the impression will be. The origin of white.

Although the color temperature adjustment lamps are controlled and adjusted by the driving power supply, in fact, the color temperature of the light is mainly determined by the lamp beads (LED light source). Generally, the lamps with adjustable color temperature have two output channels of warm white and cool white inside, and each channel is independent. By providing different proportions of current to each channel, the two channels emit light with different brightness to be mixed in the lamp, so that Different color temperatures are formed to achieve the effect of color temperature adjustment.

For Example:

If the color temperatures of the two groups of light sources are 3000K (warm) and 6000K (cool), the maximum output current of the power supply is 1000mA.

* When the current supplied by the power supply to the warm color light source is 1000mA, and the current of the cool color light source is 0mA, then the final color temperature of the lamp is 3000K.

* If the two currents are 500mA respectively, then the color temperature will be around 3300K.

* When the current supplied by the power supply to the warm color light source is 0mA, and the current of the cool color light source is 1000mA, then the final color temperature of the lamp is 6000K.


Advantages of Control Color Temperature Lighting:

People have a very strong perception of light, so light has a great impact on people’s work and life: people have different requirements for light at work and when they sleep. With the development of control lighting methods, people are increasingly hoping that controllable lighting methods can be added to their own lighting options, not only because of convenience, but also from work efficiency and health considerations.


Bright lights with a high color temperature make our bodies more alert and awake, and warm light with a low color temperature makes us calmer and more relaxed. When we are working during the day, we can use high color temperature and high brightness lights to improve work efficiency. When we rest at night, we can use low color temperature and warmer lights, which can help sleep. Therefore, having an adjustable color temperature can meet our different lighting needs during the day and at night.


Cool Light

Warm Light

Increases healthy appetite

Lower Hormone Levels

Increases body temperature

Calms the body

Increases heart rate

Allows for better rest and healing

Increases cognitive function


Working in the right light can actually help us work diligently and increase our productivity. It would help in many situations if our lights had the freedom to adjust the color temperature according to our needs and moods.

Dimmable Vintage Edison Bulb:

Our dimmable products have a classic retro look. Using the original switch, only one bulb is needed to create a personalized scene. Bright natural warm and cozy light from 3500k to 1800k.


Our products are mainly for decoration. It can be applied to a variety of different scenes like Bar, shop, Restaurant or the lighting of the family leisure area and bedroom adjust the appropriate color temperature according to your needs. 

Post time: Feb-08-2023