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Edison Bulb Development History

Nowadays, most of the lights we encounter in our lives have been replaced by LEDs. Regardless of commercial lights or residential decorations, LED bulbs occupy almost all of our daily life. LED is bright and energy-saving and has a variety of appearances, and there are various decorative chandeliers for us to choose. In the dark night, we can enjoy bright light. The rows of street lights on the roadside of the city bring light to people who are driving at night. So who can imagine that in the past one hundred years ago, people could only live in the dark at night or could only use candles to illuminate the room. And today we will discuss the history of the development of light bulbs and the past and present of artificial light sources.

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Industrialization Triggers a Lighting Revolution
In ancient times, people could only use candles for lighting. It was not until the 18th century that artificial lighting really entered people’s lives. A French chemist invented a new type of oil lamp that was brighter than 10 candles. Afterwards, driven by the British Industrial Revolution, an engineer in England invented gas lighting. During the first half of the 19th century, tens of thousands of gas lamps burned in the streets of London. Then came the great inventions of Edison’s team and other innovators that took us from gaslights to the electric light era. They created an early version of the light bulb and patented the first commercial incandescent light bulb in 1879. Neon lights appeared in 1910, and halogen lights appeared half a century later.

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LED Lights Illuminate the Modern World
Another revolution in the history of lighting can be said to be the invention of light-emitting diodes. In fact, it was discovered by accident. 1962 Nick Holonyak, a General Electric scientist, tries to develop a better laser. But quite unexpectedly he laid the groundwork for replacing the incandescent light bulb and changing lighting forever. In the 1990s, two Japanese scientists further developed based on the discovery of Nick Holonyak and invented white light LEDs, making LEDs a new lighting method and gradually replacing incandescent lamps in our daily life. important role of lighting. LEDs are widely used today and are currently the most energy-efficient lighting technology for commercial and commercial use, and are growing rapidly. The reason why people are very fond of LEDs is that LEDs consume 80% less power than incandescent lamps, and their lifespan is 25 times longer than incandescent lamps. Therefore, LED bulbs have become the protagonist of our social life lighting.

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LED New Technology Retro Filament Bulb
Due to the long life of LED lights, low energy efficiency and high safety, people prefer LED technology when purchasing light bulbs, but the shape of incandescent filament bulbs is very classic, so people still want filament lamps in the decoration process. Light bulb. Then LED filament lamps have appeared in the market in response to the needs of consumers. LED filament lamp has both the new technology of LED and the classic retro appearance of incandescent filament, which makes LED filament lamp very popular among people. And with the various decoration needs of consumers, besides the transparent glass bulb, many new finishes have been innovated: Gold, frosted, smoky and matte white. And a variety of shapes, as well as various flower patterns of the filament. Omita Lighting has been focusing on the production of LED filament lamps for 12 years, and we have achieved good results in the world market with absolute quality and emphasis on innovation.










Post time: Feb-14-2023