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G4 LED 1.5W 180Lm 2800K CR80 led Lamp Bulb AC/DC 12V

Short Description:

Bulbs with G4 always be small and used behind the shade normally. Transparent silicone Shell, no broken risk,waterproof,dyst-proof and 360° beam angle illumination.

  • Series Code: G4 XLED
  • Series Name: G4 1505
  • Range: General bulbs
  • MOQ: 500pcs
  • Supply Ability: 0.5 Million
  • Product Detail

    Product Tags

    No Humming ,Eye Caring,No Flicker,Energy Saving.

    G4-1505 (1)
    Code: 1505-1LED
    Name: G4  1.5W Clear
    Dimensions Ø10.5x41.5mm
    1.5W 2800K  183LM
    PF 0.8  CRI80  SDCM<6 
    Flickering Free
    G4-1505 (2)
    Code: 0705-1LED
    Name: G4  1W Clear
    Dimensions Ø10x30mm
    1W 2800K-7000K  90-105lm
    PF 1  CRI80  SDCM<6 
    Flickering Free, 0-100%   Dim to Warm
    G4-1505 (3)
    Code: 1508-1LED
    Name: G4  2W Clear
    Dimensions Ø11x34mm
    2W 2800K  230-270LM
    PF   CRI80  SDCM<6 
    Flickering Free

    Products Detail Image

    G4-0705-1LED (2)

    Products Advantage

    >COB Chip ,High brightness,low light decay           

    >360°BEANM ANGLE,surround luminescent Design           

    >efficient heat dissipation,High quality material selection            

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