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The Benefits of Custom Lighting Fixtures

So what is a custom light fixture, exactly? Custom light fixtures typically include requests for one or more of the following:

  • Small tweaks (e.g. adding a switch on the back plate)
  • Custom shades with your own fabrics.
  • Modifications (e.g. recon figuring a three-light chandelier into five lights)
  • A fixture you love in a finish that it isn’t normally available in
  • Full-blown original designs

In other words, if you can imagine it,will be able to turn your idea into reality.


How do you know if a custom light fixture is right for you and your home? A custom-made light fixture might be the perfect choice if you’re working with a narrow color/finish palette, if you prefer truly one-of-a-kind pieces (an aesthetic that’s reflected throughout your home), and/or if you’re looking to create a family heirloom.


A couple things to keep in mind when it comes to custom lighting fixtures: Ordering a custom fixture takes longer than ordering a fixture that the manufacturer already has in stock, for obvious reasons. Lead times can vary widely, depending on the manufacturer. Not all lighting manufacturers customize fixtures (this is benefit to working with us.As the saying goes, there’s strength in numbers. We have over 700 employees in our factory and our delivery time is much shorter than most manufacturers.And we have a great design team.This also ensures that you From beginning to end, you have only one company to face, saving many time and financial cost.)


How do you go about ordering a custom light fixture?

  • Contact us.
  • Let us know your needs and design ideas.
  • We will give you a satisfying ordering experience.

Are you interested in a custom light fixture?  Try to contact us, our lighting consultants would be happy to help you get the ball rolling. Stop by one of our lighting  sample showrooms if you have time.

Post time: Nov-02-2021