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round led driver constant current flickeringfree dimmable led for decorative lighting fixture

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Input 230VAC, for LED strip light, connect the triac dimmer switch at AC line, dimming the light brightness from 0%-100%, work with wall dimmer.  No Flicker Design, good for eye protection, excellent for bedroom, kitchen, reading room, office etc

  • Series Code: Dr30s1
  • Series Name: dimmer
  • Range: HQ
  • MOQ: 10pcs
  • Supply Ability: 200Thousands/Month
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    SAFE LED DRIVER- high safety product, work with low voltage LED light only, such as: LED Strip light, cabinet light, Puck Lights, Rigid Strip Light etc. We provide all kinds of electric  kit Control Module, Replacement Sensor, Touch Switch ,led driver for a better  lighting solution. With CE,UL,SAA.

    oak wooden pendant lamp

    Model: Dr30F1
    Input Volt: 230V AC
    Size : D105xH30mm
    output Volt: 25-40v DC
    Max 36W
    PF>0.8, curent 900mA
    0-100%  flickeringfree  Dim

    oak wooden pendant lamp

    Model: Dr30F2
    Input Volt: 230V AC
    Size : 77*42*23.5mm
    output Volt: 22-36V DC
    Max 12.6W
    PF>0.8, curent 350mA
    0-100%  flickeringfree Dim

    touch sequence

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    >LED PCB Module
    >LED Dimmers

    Dimmable Series


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