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Glass bulb or Plactic bulb for outdoor festoon string lighting 

The Bulbs is on! Which is better, glass or plastic? Let us help you make an informed decision for you business with these cool facts about glass and plastic Bulbs.

Fantastic metallic bulbs

Does your smart bulb smart enough?

Solar string lighting

Laser bulbs

Factory show

The Full production process of glass led Edison bulbs

We'll show more about Led Bulb Manufacturing Process in the video,The content 
is real, we shoot and edit ourselves and show it to everyone.Open the video, you'll 
see the following.

*Special shaped glass hand-made blowed by Our Master Team
*IKEA Standard Products production line-Vacuum washing machine for glass cleaning 
*Custom made glass stem to make sure elegancy of led filament structure
*Spot Welding automatization and hand made special filament structures
*Full automation for base connection with glass bulb
*4 hours stanrdards aging testing before packing and 5 years longer term testing
*OEM and ODM Branded colored with your logo
*Full process QC follow up

How a special Gaint Edison bulb be Made with us

The string lightings you buy from costco and Amazon made here

ODM Lighting fixtures 

Yes, we are still producing incandescent bulbs

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How Modern Light Bulbs Work

he Best Way To Install String Lights

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