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G25 G30 G40 matte white UL ES title 20, Title 24 and JA8 Certified listed led Edison bulbs

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UL No. E478785, welcome you loading UL Products IQ to finds more filament led bulbs from us. Our company have some market of US market. It is not Feit home depot those big company, we are the best choice for lighting fixture company, they buy and sell our bulbs with their fixtures. and various models can match different kinds of lighting fixture faultlessly. High quality led filament source,  Gas  Helium charged in bulb for better heat sink, 70% more lifespan.

  • Series Code: UX808
  • Series Name: UL lsit Filament bulb
  • Range: General bulbs
  • MOQ: 500pcs
  • Supply Ability: 0.5 Million
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    Currently, models under our UL No.: C11 ,C9, G12 ,G14 ,G16 ,G25 ,G30 ,G40 ,S12 ,S14, S19, S21 ,S25 ,T6 ,T8, T10, T14, T16 Filament led Edison bulbs,different finish Clear Amber Smoky Milky.  Non-dimmable, flickeringfree dimmable.Edison LED Decorative bulbs use high-quality LED filaments and high-transmittance glass, with low heat generation and no flicker. Passed CE and RoHS certification, no lead or mercury, no ultraviolet or infrared. CRI exceeds 80, so that the color of the object under the light always maintains the original state.  Decorative Light Bulbs retro style and warm light create a comfortable and warm atmosphere, which can meet most of your needs in different occasions, such as home, kitchen, living room, dining room, office, family room, bedroom, corridor, dining room, lobby, Coffee shop and the best choice to create a romantic and comfortable environment.

    21G125 Top mirror Sliver bulb

    Code: U6808
    Name: G25  8W Matte White
    Dimensions 80x120mm
    Matte white
     8W 2700K 800lm
    PF 0.8  CR80  SDCM<6
    Flickering Free, 0-100%  dimmable

    oak wooden pendant lamp

    Code: U8808
    Name: G40 8WMatt white
    Dimensions Ø125x178mm
    Matte white
     8W 2700K 800lm
    PF 0.8  CR80  SDCM<6
    Flickering Free, 0-100%  dimmable

    Products Advantage

    >Bulbs with Gas Helium charging as heat sink, lifespan 70% higher than which without
    >Helium is very stable and lightweight Inert gas.
    >Lustrating the original Air in the bulb glass, No chemical reaction,No Moist.
    >A better heat sink in the bulb, fast transmission heat of led to bulb glass.

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