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Correct interpretation of the landscape string lighting

You will know here
1)What is a string of lights
2)The role of the lamp string
3)A wide range of lamp string application scenarios
4)Advantages of our factory lamp string

1. What is a string of lights
When it comes to lamp strings, the first thing I think to mind is lamp strings made of lamp beads, circuit boards and pvc. Of course we are doing these products, but today we are talking about Edison light bulb strings, which is composed of Edison light bulb plus a pvc lamp illustrated in following figure:


2. The role of the string lights
It is well known that his main role is lighting, and it is also the best ornament of the year in 2021.
The string lights are born to create romance, no matter what the scene he can create the perfect atmosphere.
because the light supports 14 brilliant colors–warm/natural white for daily use and RGB colors for special decorations. Except static mode, this patio light provides four display modes(Cycle, Blink, Fade, Strobe) for fun. Selectable Colors & Speed & Lighting modes are incredible! It absolutely can dress up your backyard into the most impressive place.


3. A wide range of string lights application scenarios

You can have the flexibility to hang outdoor discoloration light strings above the terrace or mount them on a flat surface / wall.Adjustable outdoor lights have been tested and meet the requirements of lamp string safety standards.Suitable for a variety of occasions such as backyard, porch, balcony, deck, terrace, arbor, pavilion, garden, home, office, dormitory, dormitory, cafe, bar, restaurant, venue, trailing, party, wedding, camping, birthday party.


waterproof, PC bulbs


Different Scene




4. Advantages of our factory string lights

1)Built-in hanging holes and attached tape, the installation will be very easy.

2)Commercial grade lamps are waterproof and dustproof.Adapt to insulation and heavy adhesive UL wires to withstand wear for indoor and outdoor use.

3)Has a IP 65 waterproof rating, and can withstand a wind speed of 50 MPH.All of these qualities enhance its outdoor applicability.

4)The unbreakable acrylic bulbs can withstand 10 foot drops and harsh weather conditions without fear of breakage and frequent replacement.

5)Wireless remote control and dimming functions, to bring great convenience to your life.

6)We offer a 5 year warranty from the date of the original purchase to maximize your rights.


5. Choose our factory and you can have a high quality string of lights.

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Post time: Jan-08-2022