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Short Description:

Top covered bulbs try to use the sliver top to hide the lighting, then we get a cozy lighting, with different color printed on the top,which create different feeling to home and docor

  • Series Code: G84XX
  • Series Name: G125 Top printed bulbs
  • Range: General bulbs
  • MOQ: 500pcs
  • Supply Ability: 0.5 Million
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    For the top series, it can be most any shape G45 A55 A60 ST64 G80 G95 G125, here we only list G125 as Representative.  Top Sliver is the basement, then top black, top Gold, Top white be hot selling items.  As leading manufacturer of decor bulbs, we have been creating  thousands models bulbs. Fast delivery,competitive price, diverse specification,which is our advantage. Currently, we can provide CE Rohs Erp SAA RCM, PSE  UL certificates for this seires.

    21G125 Top mirror Sliver bulb

    Code: G8467
    Name: G125 E27 4W T-Sliver
    Dimensions: Ø125x178mm
    Top Sliver
    4W 2100K 190lm
    PF 0.8  CRI90
     Flickering Free, 0-100%  dimmabl

    oak wooden pendant lamp

    Code: G8477
    Name: G125 E27 4W T-Gold
    Dimensions: Ø125x178mm
    Top Gold
    4W 2100K 190lm
    PF 0.8  CRI90
     Flickering Free, 0-100%  dimmable

    oak wooden pendant lamp

    Code: G8447
    Name: G125 E27 4W T-Black
    Dimensions: Ø125x178mm
    Top Black
    4W 2100K 190lm
    PF 0.8  CRI90
     Flickering Free, 0-100%  dimmable

    Products Advantage

    >Bulbs with Gas Helium charging as heat sink, lifespan 70% higher than which without
    >Helium is very stable and lightweight Inert gas.
    >Lustrating the original Air in the bulb glass, No chemical reaction,No Moist.
    >A better heat sink in the bulb, fast transmission heat of led to bulb glass.

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