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Back to the first Edison bulb pursue bulb to the beauty of pure

In 1809, Englisg inventor Humphry Davy created the first electric light. He had connected rods made of charcoal, a form of the chemical element carbon, to a battery with two wires. Although the light did not last long, it showed that some materials became so hot taht they glow when electricity passes through them. In 1870s, American inventor Thomas Edison experimented with the electric light bulb. His version was an air-tight glass case containing a looped wire, called a filament,which was connected to a flow of electricity known as a current. If the current was strong enough, the filament glowed white-hot. Early filament didn’t last long , but in 1879 he created a long-lasting filament made from carbon.The practical light bulb was born.

Many of us know the story above, but do do know how the first bulb looks like.

First Light Bulb
Yes, it almost like this.
We are going to publish a batch of unique products to cherish the memory of the bulb inventors with flexible led filament inside which powered by DC 24V led dimmable driver.

DIY pendant no base

We are invite designer friends made design of this series sincerely.

Here, I would like to list design directions for designers as reference from industry view.
1.The bulb shape, the bulb can not be too big, because it if too big,the weight will be much and the glass hook maybe can not bear the weight, so we advise the diameter of bulbs not over 200mm, and the high not over 300mm.
2.The flexible filament structures, the flexible filament structure can any structure as you can image. It need be be matched well with the glass shape.
3.The color of glass, it can be many kinds of colors finished, such as clear ,amber smoky, copper , metallic , rainbow colored, fade blue green yellow, for the color you have check with our current products . such as can as possible.

We are leading producer of decor bulbs, we have our own glass blowing production line. The most skillful glass blowing master.
We are in the deep level of led tech lighting industry, we have our own electric engineer department and electric testing equipment and testing room.
Just to make sure all the new developing products follow EU regulation and US regulations and others regulation.

Pure beauty of the lamps is what this project to pursue. We would like to hear different voice. For sure, we are only a OEM factory base on China, so your idea will always be yours. We help to make your drawing to a beautiful lighting for high degree application.

Post time: Feb-05-2021