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Custom lighting matte white and high-end and luxury feeling

In a house , a building, we can see white color everyehere,white wall, white marble floor, white pillar.
However, the white can be different,different from the depth of color, pure white, off-white, matte white , smooth white.
Today, we are going to discuss why matte white be prefer by designers.
Firstly, let’s see some lamp from Vibia
Matte white wall lamp

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We all amazied by those lamps, but how, why?
Because of the warm white matt white ball,which be the really leading actor of the space.
Matte white is very different from smooth white, matte white absorb lighting, so your eye will ve very comfortable by wahtching it in a directive way, but smooth white be different, it reflect lighting to your eyes, so you can not see things arround.
In another work, matte white create space by absorbing lighting, and smooth white take space by reflecting lighting.

Omita Lighting as a manufacturer of Lighting fixtures base in Dongguan and Zhongshan China , our target customer is interior design companies or importers who good at providing solution to end customers, and we provide products according to the drawings from our customers. For sure,if end customers find us, firstly, we would recommend the end customers to local companies, lighting and building is complicated things which need professional stuffs to handle up.Currently, we have business partners from AU, UK, US. We do not have any exclusive agency in any country and any area. We devote ourselves to provide high quality products, reliable business relationship and high standard series to all our customers.

The working Process can be :
1.Inquiry:the inquiry should be as circumstantial as possible regulation:different country have different regulation.
3.Raw material and draft drawing:those are the key points of price.
4.Offer:- We will make a offer according to the inquiry
5.Detail drawing- If you think the price be okay,then we will provide
6.Order confirming – PO and Payment term and lead time discussion
7.Production- We will produce the products according to order,keep update during production
8.Installation in factory and inspection
9.Safety package and delivery

Post time: Jan-05-2021