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Is it necessary for Tungsten filament lamp to exist

Do you think Is it necessary for tungsten filament lamp to exist?

Does tungsten filament lamp have profit to the eye? Why is that?

What is an  incandescent lamps

Incandescent lamps, also known as electric light bulb, its working principle is that the current through the filament (tungsten filament, melting point of more than 3000 degrees Celsius) heat, spiral filament constantly gather heat, making the filament temperature above 2000 degrees Celsius, the filament in the incandescent state, like burning red iron can light.The higher the temperature of the filament, the brighter the light is emitted.So it is called an incandescent lamp.When incandescent lights glow, a lot of electricity will be converted into heat, and only a small fraction can be converted into useful light energy.

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Service life of incandescent lamps

The life of the incandescent lamp is related to its manufacturing process and working environment.When the filament temperature is high, the filament temperature is high, and the metal tungsten that constitutes the filament under the action of high temperature will slowly evaporate,Evaporation causes the filament to become thinner and thinner until burned out.So in order to slow down the evaporation speed of the filament in the manufacturing process, the glass shell is usually pumped into a vacuum and filled with an inert gas.If the air in the glass shell is not drained away or the inert gas filled in is not pure enough, it will affect the service life of the incandescent lamp.Determine the service life is the working voltage and working environment.The higher the operating voltage, the shorter the life, so the appropriate power supply voltage should be selected according to the bulb parameters.

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Incandescent incandescent lamps are good to the eyes

1. One of the factors that affects vision is "illumination".Lack of illumination can hurt the eyes.Generally using about 60W incandescent lamp can meet the requirements.Note that the distance is not too far, otherwise the illumination is low.

2. Another factor affecting eyesight is the "strobe" of lamps.China's power standard is 50Hz, but it still has a certain impact on the eyes.

3. If the desk lamp is not used properly, it is easy to cause damage to the vision.Learning and work under too strong and dark lights have a great impact on eye vision.Room light lighting in the family is generally 40 watt or 60 watt solar light, but the use of solar light learning work will have an extremely bad impact on vision.

4. When the incandescent lamp is used as a desk lamp, the power generally chooses 40 watts more appropriate.Incandescent lamp mainly depends on electricity heating, the temperature of tungsten wire is very high will shine, so incandescent lamp lamp how many watts appropriate work is relatively more heat out.Power light bulbs (more than 60 watts) are easy to burn people or make the lampshade burn out, and the brightness is easy to make people's eyes uncomfortable.In the use of the desk lamp, the desk lamp application also has the role that cannot be ignored, in the study and work process not only need to use the desk lamp, but also want to turn on the other lights in the room.This can effectively reduce the light and dark difference in lighting engineering, causing damage to the eye.

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Why the incandescent light bulbs are good for the eyes

The light of the incandescent light itself, close to sunlight, no fluorescent tube (fluorescent lamp) strobe, is not easy to fatigue the eyes, beneficial to the eyes.The incandescent lamp has better color rendering, with an index above 99, which is better for the eyes.

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Now you also have a certain understanding of tungsten filament lamp, I believe you also have the answer to the beginning of the question.If you still want to see the tungsten filament lamp production process, please subscribe to our YouTube (Lux Wall)

Post time: Jan-14-2022